"A new drama is evident in the sought after pen & ink artworks of Darren Gilbert.  The intricate detail of each hero subject juxtaposed with bold gestural brush-strokes – a striking tension emphasising the fragility of our native bird-life & fauna.  Darren’s artworks call us to action, to consider our connection with the environment, to take notice and care for that which is lost in the haste & visual ‘noise’ of our hectic lives.  Once again Darren’s impressive sculptures will command the gallery floor-space with a huge presence.  Contemporary outdoor wall-art featuring laser-cut designs, majestic engineered garden forms and all-manner of statement sculptural pieces created from salvaged objects, weathered timbers & rustic metal. "

Extract from Town and Country exhibition invitation text October 2017.

2018 Exhibitions
Open Studio’s Highlands - Darren Gilbert.
Thanks to all the people who visited my open studios over the last 4 months, need to take a break and make some more artwork and sculptures, running very low.
So closed for August.
Open again, Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September 2018.
10.00 am to 4.00 pm each day.
2742 Highlands Road, Highlands. VIC. 3660.

A living private studio gallery in the beautiful central Victorian countryside. Discover the story behind the artworks and sculptures and see the ever changing creative space of Darren Gilbert. Browse and buy direct from the maker.
Open every first weekend of the month.
Keep up to date with Open Studio days and times on this website and my F
acebook Darren Gilbert.

Darren Gilbert - solo exhibition @ Bulleen Art and Garden.
October 2018.
More details to come.

Janet Matthews and Darren Gilbert @ Town and Country Gallery.
October 2018.
More details to come.

Whats New?

Ink shapes and animals

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