Darren Gilbert has a profound love of Australia’s environment and strives to live in harmony with it. No sharp lines define the border between his existence and that of the surrounding landscape of his home and studio / workshop.
Inside the studio, there are remarkably detailed drawings of native birds in various stages of completion, from the small preliminary sketches through to large black-and-white ink works.
A new artistic journey of sculptures by will be exhibited at Marian Renee’s fabulous gardens and gallery in Acheron. The new series of garden friendly sculptures that have been created over the last 6 months revolving around a boat theme. A vessel that holds dreams, shapes and environmental elements. 
Recycling these ideas and themes are the main elements used in this series of sculptures. Each piece of metal in the sculptures gives a sense of history to the material which have been sourced from around Victoria. Collected from old farms, sheds and homes, the sounds and stories the iron has absorbed over time create uniqueness. Each piece has its own story to tell or secret to keep.

One thing that stands out clearly in Darren’s work and is the amount of planning, engineering and time that goes into each sculpture and artworks. Darren explains the process behind each work: the Fibonacci Sequence or mathematical equation that helps to map out each piece. In lay terms the rule of thirds, from which everything in nature or every aesthetically pleasing artwork can be measured, and is ultimately laid out in a spiral.

2024 Exhibitions and Events
Open Studio @ Giffard Street.
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August 2024.
10.00am to 4.00pm each day.
5 Giffard Street, Yea. VIC. 3717.
Open first weekend of every month.
or arrange another time 0421 378 451.

An open studio of pen and ink artwork of Australian animals and organic metal sculptures. Have the opportunity to see and purchase hand crafted artworks and sculptures direct from the artist.

Up to date changes on Open Studio dates on this website or and my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Hanging Rock Winery & Wineyard.
Art in the Vines - Sculptures 2023-2024.

Whats New?

Bird artwork
Flora artwork

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